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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hey guys!  I am all about helping other fellow indie writers!  Here's some fabulous info!  Be sure to check it out!!! #AmBlogging

Today, I’m delighted to be taking part in Read Indies Hot Reads by Robert Stanek (http://readindies.blogspot.com/). Robert Stanek is the award-winning author of many international bestselling novels. His books have been written about and recommended by the YA librarian staff at VOYA, Publisher's Weekly, Parenting Magazine, the Journal of Electronic Defense, The Children's Bookshelf, Children's Writer, Popular Series Fiction for Middle School and Teen Readers: A Reading and Selection Guide, and other fine publications and periodicals. He is the founder Read Indies, Go Indie and Free Today – all initiatives started to support indie authors and books.

Robert Stanek has been a writer since he was in elementary school (which he shares about in  but didn’t start writing novels until 1984. He won his first writing award in 1991 when his essays on his tours of combat overseas earned him the George Washington honor medal from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge. Robert signed his first contract for a full-length work in 1994 and his first book was published in 1995. In 2014, he celebrated two major milestones: 20 years as a professional writer and his 150th published books. He shares all about this in the article How I Made This Crazy Thing Called Writing a 20-Year Career (http://www.robert-stanek.com/20-year-career-as-writer.htm).

In his long, distinguished writing career, books by Robert Stanek have been distributed and published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, Macmillan, Pearson, Microsoft, O'Reilly, and others. Most of these books are nonfiction works published as William Stanek and you can read his tips for surviving the writer’s life in Traveling the Writer’s Road (http://www.robert-stanek.com/writers-road.htm).

One of the inside joke’s by and between writers is: Don’t quit your day job. Robert talks about this in his article which should have been titled “Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet” (http://robertstanek.blogspot.ca/2012/12/celebrating-35-years-150-books-and.html). Another popular article of his about troubles along the writer’s road is called The Road to Success is Paved With Potholes (http://www.robert-stanek.com/road-to-success-robert-stanek.htm). Anyone needing some inspiration to keep writing may also enjoy his article entitled “Climbing Mountains” (http://www.robert-stanek.com/climbing-mountains-robert-stanek.htm).

A lot of Robert’s writing advice is very practical, including his article titled Some People Are the Dog. Others the Tail on the Dog (http://robertstanek.blogspot.ca/2013/10/publishing-today.html). In this article, Robert talks about his 1000+ titles in active worldwide distribution and how a tortoise like him has managed to eek out eventual success. Very inspirational for any writer who is disappointed with small sales.

Writers looking for deeper understanding of publishing and the business of writing may also want to read these articles by Robert Stanek: Understanding Books Sales (http://www.robert-stanek.com/book-data.htm) and Understanding Bestselling Lists (http://www.robert-stanek.com/bestseller-lists.htm).
Robert is also helping to launch Indie Plus, a premier distribution service for indie authors that distributes author’s works in print, ebook, audio and video to 240+ retails and 65,000 libraries in 42 countries while still allowing them to manage their own Amazon accounts. Read more about Indie Plus athttp://readindies.blogspot.ca/2014/11/indie-plus-premiere-distribution.html.

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