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Friday, June 20, 2014

Two weeks since released :-)

It's officially been two weeks since the sequel has been released!  Unfortunately, the paperback version is still not available as there has been a mix-up with the printer :-(  I hope to have that available by next week (fingers crossed).  I ran a book blitz with YA book bound tours and that did amazing!!!!  I will be doing more advertising in July with YA promo central.   I will be doing an interview on their blog so I will keep you posted with that and provide all the links to where it's at. 
For all of you that have purchased the sequel I appreciate all of your support!  Now, what I finding most difficult is getting my readers to review my work!!!  So please, pretty please, if you've read my books leave a review!!!  That would be most appreciated :-)  Until next time...

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