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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!!

      As the reviews are rolling in from my first release, Torn True Love, I find myself holding my breath as I read each one.  I know that everyone will not love my work, or connect with my characters, but it still is a bitter pill to swallow when a reader hasn't LOVED your work.  I have put many many many!!!! hours into my book and a review that says anything but I LOVED IT is hard to hear.  (I must say too I haven't heard anything too negative *phew thank god!*) But on the flip side of that, I respect what each person has to say about my work.  Feedback helps me understand how others view my work.  It's interesting to know what they would've changed, what they had expected and where they want the story to go.  I already know how my story unfolds and while I value what my readers say it won't alter the story in my head.
     The publishing process as a whole has been fantastic- I just hope my readers continue to respond positively and enjoy my work as it comes their way.


  1. Hey I know this comment is kind of random but I really loved your book and I heard from one of my friends that you were at yallfest yesterday. I know this is an extremely early question to ask but do you think you'll be there again next year?

  2. Hi, thank you SO much!!!! That means so much to me, I always LOVE hearing from my readers. I am not sure if I will be able to attend next year- but I would love to. I had a really great experience. I am going to be looking into other festivals to take place in too. If you follow me on facebook (K.d. Ferguson) or twitter (kristend732) I post a lot more on those sites and try and keep everyone up to date on what I'm up to. Thanks so much for the support!! And I hope to meet you one day soon!!!!